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Text by Zippora Elders, Curator at FOAM, Amsterdam

Published in .TIFF, September 2015

With Spelunca, Lola Pertsowsky gives us a glimpse into her cave. It is her special place, which is always in transition. Like a hunter-gatherer, she collects images of places and things. But by her associative compositions, we can tell these are not just objects. They are memories, fascinations and metaphors. By over and over again rearranging her collection, she creates her own expanding microcosm.

Her love for nature is contagious. Whether a picture captures a plant, a stone or a human limb, we keep on watching, exploring the photo and drifting along with the connections Pertsowsky transferred from her mind. She also plays with the notion of scale. A girl’s body is studded with an awful rash. But it suddenly becomes a beautiful sight too, when hung next to a photo of a starry sky.

Raised on a wooded island, nature will forever be Pertsowsky’s counterspace; a place where she can find a counterbalance to her state of mind. Photography, too, has always been a thing she liked to do, to gather memories – a quick way to collect things and observations, to sample the world and embrace it.

Altogether, Pertsowsky explores the consequences of the image as the predominant tool for communication in today’s society. Its meaning is transitional and multilayered, depending on the context and the beholder, yet simultaneously a single image can have lots of power too.

Lola Pertsowsky (1988, France) graduated with a Bachelor of Art at EBABX in Bordeaux in 2013. She recently completed her Master of Photography at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium.